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Webnotes :

Designed for single to large multi-users and multi-carrier e-commerce options for sending freight daily.

*For a you-tube (3 minute) demonstration of web-notes click here 

screen shot 1_edited.jpg

Login Screen

Full customization options available

Clone functions for easy duplication

Import XML files

Export and import your address books

Work with multiple consignments and manifests

Multi -user multi-Carrier

i-Mobile :

Designed for transport, courier and freight distribution type companies with multiple drivers.
*For a you-tube (5 minute) demonstration of i-mobile click here 

Born out of the need of a cost-effective industry specific handheld solution that scans any bar code instantly

  • Removes the need for manual stickers

  • Runs on dedicated scanners or android systems

  • Built in instantly accessible scanning device

  • Custom dispatching interface

  • Multi-user system

  • Cost and DIFOT reporting

  • SOTI Compatible

  • Loaded with ISAC NZ software ready to go

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